Windowsill Herb Garden

These days, what’s sitting on your windowsills? Maybe you’ve got an old forgotten pencil or, if you are like me you’ve got is a dead insect. A excellent way to liven up that fresh and empty space is using a windowsill herb garden. Herbs are the best plants to grow on your windowsill. Not only is it a terrific way to begin growing herbs, but it’s a great way. You will need to choose your location, if you are interested in starting a windowsill herb garden. Primarily, you need to choose a window that has good lighting.

In order to thrive, herbs require plenty of sunlight. How is the sunlight on your kitchen windowsill? Are trees or other obstacles blocking the sunlight? You want to choose a sunny windowsill. Try to discover a windowsill facing the west, if you do not have great southern exposure. Some herbs thrive in less and shady bright areas. You’ll also have to remember so that every side of the herb gets an equal quantity of sunlight, to turn your herbs. You will want to rotate your herbs a quarter turn every week.

So you’ve got a window that was excellent. It’s right on your kitchen that you can easily grab some herbs. It’s also in the perfect place where decoration that is beautiful would be added by a few herbs. And best of all, it’s the sunniest window at the house! Alas, the windowsill would never support a pot of crops. Well do not give up just yet. To start with, you might want to check into getting a little tray. A tray would be perfect for a smaller windowsill and you might have a little garden in one, although you might not be able to grow a pot of herbs. Another option is to extend your windowsill. This is very common. Some people even have shelves so that they can support full pots of herbs installed. You might also have something. This is a shelf designed to support a cat who wants to sit next to a window.

Linda Peterson is an author and herb garden enthusiast.

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