Visit Eram Garden While You Visit with Shiraz

You will be struck by the charm of Eram Garden, when you visit Shiraz. It has a massive assortment of plants together with an old building. Due to their patronage for greenery, they have constructed during their rule. Bagh-e Eram was a donation by Sanjar who was a Seljuk monarch. Instead of interest was again restored to its former glory by the Zand kings who ruled 1794 and between 1750.

Beautifying the Garden

When the Zands rule was nearing its end, the charge of Eram Garden was held by Qashqai tribal chiefs. It was an epitome of beauty under the chief Mohammad Qoli Khan, who was responsible for the building which stands among the plants. It was the early eighteenth century when the Qashqai chief ordered the planting of varieties of trees such as pine, orange and cypress.

In the Qashqai tribes, this place of interest was passed on to the Qajar dynasty. Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Nasir-al Mulk included the pavilion as it stands now and took great interest in the beautification of the garden. The designing was done by Mohammad Hassan, a famous architect, whose accomplishments you can hear when you visit Shiraz. Later on, it further went down the line to Abdullah Qavani who gave the Qashqai tribes it and the ownership of the Eram Garden traveled a complete circle. There are three stories in the pavilion which has been inspired by the Safavid and Qajar times’ architectural greatness. The bottommost narrative is beautifully decorated and has been used as a summer resort. The atmosphere is cooled by a stream through the center of the structure which empties itself into the huge pool in the front. There is attractive tile work throughout the building. The Eram Garden looks fantastic and is now under the patronage of the Shiraz University. Bagh-e Eram that’s now part of a museum is come to by people coming to visit Shiraz.

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