Vertical Garden: The Green Revolution

Just respect for the environment and its upkeep and upgrading was created on vertical garden situated within a shopping center in Rozzano, conceived and designed by Francesco Bollani of a fruitful collaboration with the architectural firm of Montpellier and Peverelli the company, and is the largest green wall in Italy.

Built through the composition of forty-four thousand two hundred different species of plants grows well for 1250 square meters of green, invention, energy saving and above all beauty.   In a historical moment where the preservation of the environment and experimental forms of protection and ecological sustainability on the agenda this wall represents a true revolution in that auspicious will be taken as an example for many others and for creating  a beautiful and natural form of protection.   There are various points in favor of the ecological design: the building’s thermal equilibrium because of sun protection and energy saving, reduction of fine particles and the absorption of CO2, the decrease in ambient noise so the noise insulation from ‘outside.  

As already said more than two hundred plants are used to make up the wall, ranging from the evergreen flowering plants which give it an impressive and festive thanks to each of the range of colors ranging from pink, yellow, red, blue and white on the foundation  moss that provides firmness and strength.   The substrate also allows high-capacity water to irrigate with ease and keeping costs down.   A single color effect that meets all the standards of environmental sustainability which will be expanding as: beauty, easy maintenance and low cost of installation and makeup.
Just plants, following the solar wind power, in fact, are becoming the new frontier of renewable energy as he had expected and hoped for the architect and Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser.   In its ideal vision of the office because he saw the original architect an environment that fosters creativity and surrounded by nature, like a fantastic forest.   “An office must have natural air, it is possible that the windows don’t open even when they can enter bad atmosphere.   Do not install a central heating or air conditioning to central direction, so it works only if there isn’t any open window.   It has to be a change of atmosphere set in a natural manner.   They may, as an example, holding an office environment with grass roofs.   There are headaches.   The people working in this office are, of course, much better than when they had a sad roof without plants, which affects the soul and head.   Rather than curtains and blinds must be some plants that are on the windows.   I think a very simple adaptation of the window, a shelf for plants, a sort of shelving for books.

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