Vegetable Seeds

A seed is considered the ripened ovule of plants that are either gymnosperm or angiosperm. They are used to produce different plants that bear fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. There are many people who like to have vegetables from their kitchen gardens. It gives them a choice to produce the vegetables of their choice that are fresh and nutritious. A large-scale production of vegetables is done for commercial purposes.

Vegetable seeds are sown in a suitable climate that helps them grow into healthy plantations. They may include lettuce, beans, spinach, carrots, beets, turnips, radishes, cucumbers or pumpkins. Those who are new to gardening need to start their vegetable garden by purchasing established plants. There are many local garden supply stores or nurseries that sell strong and healthy plants.

People generally buy hybrid seeds from local garden stores and greenhouses. Such seeds produce vegetables for one generation or season. The term hybrid vegetable seeds implies to the fact that the seeds are genetically altered to improve one or more characteristics of the vegetable. It is done by crossbreeding two types of vegetables, producing vegetables that have a higher tolerance to pests and diseases, altering their growth to more convenient sizes or attaining more attractive colors. Hybrid seeds are usually more expensive due to their benefits of the alterations. On the other hand, the open-pollinated or non-hybrid seeds produce vegetables that can bear new seeds for planting in the next season.

In the US, there are a number of suppliers of vegetable seeds. They sell open-pollinated, untreated vegetable seeds, heirloom and hybrid annual and perennial seeds to nurseries or local stores. The Internet is a favorable medium to purchase vegetable seeds at wholesale rates. There are a number of websites that sell them at reasonable rates on a bulk purchase. Potential buyers can browse the list of seeds and place an order online.