Top Monsoon Plants for Your Garden

Each season brings with it, its peculiarities and its set of challenges. Which is exactly what makes gardening a very engaging and enjoyable activity! One summer you’re scurrying around to ensure that your plants keep getting enough water, while during the spring you merely wait and watch the magic unfold. One winter, you’re able to see the beautiful and hardy garden that you’ve grown, while the next monsoon, you’re working on planting your next batch of special saplings!

To be actively involved in each step makes this an incredibly rewarding journey, especially if you’ve paid close attention to the cycle of the seasons.

To help you on your way, here’s a list of plants that you can grow during the monsoons. The rains can often leave home gardeners flabbergasted, but it isn’t too difficult to comprehend which fruits, flowers, and vegetables should be grown at the time. Just take a look!

1) Water Hyacinth: The hint is in the name and these quickly growing mauve flowers are the perfect way to add some monsoon fragrance to your garden. They grow in bunches and will populate your garden well.

2) Wild Balsam: For adding some like light pink to your garden and filling up those bare nooks and corners, the Wild Balsam is the right option. It is a delicate flower that is at home during the rains.

3) Indian Borage: Growing well in bunches, especially in damp patches, the Indian Borage is a herb. It blooms with beautiful blue flowers that have the ability to light up any garden.

4) Hill Turmeric: Suitable for growing at the base and even lining your garden, this plant is known for its broad leaf structure which eventually gives way to graceful flowers that come in shades of purple, yellow, rose, crimson and red.

5) Blue Ipomoea: For a little variety, why not have a friendly creeper in your garden? The purely azure hues of this flower are just the kind diversity that the monsoon season will bring.

6) Talimkhana: A shrub well-known for its medicinal properties, it can lend a bit vertical beauty to your garden as they can grow up to 5 feet high. Their gorgeous blue flowers are just the icing on the cake.

7) Indigo: If a plant should be taking over the major real estate in your garden, it might as well be stunning to behold. The bright reddish-crimson flowers dotted amidst the lush greens can be quite a sight.

8) Wild Sesame: A staple of monsoon based gardens, this herb quite ravishing. The purple tubular flowers and gorgeous foliage will make your garden seem truly verdant.

9) Bitter Cucumber: Bright yellow flowers make this creeper plant stand out of the crowd! Besides that, you also get a fruit harvest as this plant blossoms.

10) Glory Lily: Scientifically called Gloriosa superba, the appeal of this flower lies in the multi-staged, multi-coloured petals that go from green to yellow to red to crimson as the plant grows.

Pick your favorites from our list of the best monsoon plants and get planting. This monsoon promises to be a memorable one!