Top 10 MUST GROW Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden

Top 10 MUST GROW Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden

As a self professed seed snob, I am very picky about what specific varieties get grown in my veggie garden. These are the Top 10 MUST GROW Seeds For Your Vegetable Garden that I never want to be without.

Juliet Tomato
Deema Zucchini
Salanova “Green Sweet Crisp” Lettuce
Dragons Tongue Bush Bean
White Icicle Radish
Winterbore Kale
Cylindra Beets
Giant Red Mustard
Joy Choy
Whirlybird Nasturtium

*It sounds like Deema and Whirlybird are hard to find for all my American friends. “Jewel” is another mounding style Nasturtium I have grown and liked, which is more common. For Deema style options, it is a middle Eastern “Anita type squash”, and it sounds like most of the middle Eastern styles have a great flavour, though they might not be as quick to fruit. Johnny’s has one named “Magda”.

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