The Summer Garden

I am not sure how it is for everyone but to me the summer garden is a thing of not only inspiration and beauty it energizes me as well. Yes there are those hot dog days of summer but overall the garden it never more alive than in the middle of summer. The plants are all growing the vegetable garden is at the peak of growth the garden creatures are all out and about. Summer is just a vibrant time in the garden.

When you go out and the warm sunlight hits your face the smell of the fragrant flowers drifting through the warm breezes as the butterflies go about there graceful flights from flower to flower. These are the things that make the days of summer so special in the garden. After a couple of hours work in the garden the best time spent there seems to be under the shade of a tree a cool drink at hand as you just sit and survey all the beauty of the garden and think of the time and effort it took. Then it dawns upon you that the time and effort was nothing compared to what you receive in return. The feelings of accomplishment and pride certainly drowned out the little grimaces of pain from a sore muscle or two.

It is not just your accomplishments that make you feel good. You know as you sit there and watch the garden alive around you with all the garden creatures big and small going about there daily lives in a habitat that you have created. The song birds in a tree calling to it’s mate or just sing a tune of joy for the splendor of the garden it is able to visit. These are some of the feelings that a gardener gets to experience and take joy about.

If you take the time you will see that while the garden is a serene place full of beauty and free of the stresses of everyday life it is also a very busy place. Plants are busy converting sunlight to energy to help them grow. The bees are busily gathering nectar to bring back and feed the hive. The insects are reproducing to carry on their next generation, earthworms are busy building the soil. Birds are hungrily gathering food.

So even though your days chores are done and you are enjoy a respite the garden work continues. The time you spend there is building a memory that will warm you on a cold winters day in January. These same memories will motivate you in the spring to get out and get started in another year in the garden. What a wonderful thing a day in the summer garden can be.