The Benefits of a Small Tiller

Rototillers are a staple of the backyard garden, but many people are finding that a full size tiller is just too big. With more and more people venturing into gardening for the first time, the small rototiller is becoming the tool of choice for many home gardeners. Is it right for you?

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If you want to garden properly you need to be able to till the soil. This is very hard to do using hand tools such as shovels and hoes. A garden tiller will allow you to get deeper into the soil. Power tillers will also cut through tough weeds and hard, compacted soil, something that is near impossible to do using hand tools. However, a full size garden tiller can be too big for many yards, not to mention they are hard to store.

That is where a mini tiller is the perfect solution! There are many different brands of small garden tillers on the market today and they are perfect for the average home gardener. Unless you have a very large yard or garden, a smaller rototiller is the perfect tool.

While these tillers are smaller than full sized ones, that doesn’t mean they don’t work as hard. Most of the smaller tillers have enough horsepower to cut through tough weeds and even sod. They can do the same type of work that larger machines do, they just don’t till as much at a time. But, they also don’t take up as much room to store either! With the smaller machines you can easily work around shrubs and trees, close to fences, small gardens, and even in small flower beds.

The small machines come in both electric and gas powered models. Both have their advantages. With an electric machine, you are able to use it without disturbing your neighbors because they are extremely quiet. You can even till up your garden in the early morning hours without worrying about the noise! But, you will be tethered to a cord so you don’t have as much freedom of movement. Plus, you need to be aware of where the cord is so you don’t cut it with the tiller.

Gas tillers are noisier and are not as environmentally friendly as the electric models. However, with a gas model you can venture further away without worrying about being close to an electrical outlet. This is nice if you want to do work along a ditch bank or in the back of your yard.

Probably the best thing about smaller tillers is the ease of storage. They are so lightweight that you can easily hang it on the wall of your garage or shed. They don’t take up much room, yet they are a powerful workhorse in the garden.

A small tiller is a great addition to your garden tools. You will find many uses for it and eventually you will wonder how you ever did yard work without it!

Source by Piper Cox