Starting a Garden: Turning Our LAWN Into a Vegetable Garden! Episode #1

Starting a Garden: Turning Our LAWN Into a Vegetable Garden! Episode #1

If you are curious about how to start a garden or how to turn your lawn into a vegetable garden, you have come to the right place! This is episode 1 of our series all about starting a garden. We are converting our lawn to garden this year using leaves, compost, a tiller, and time. We are definitely beginners, as this will be our first ever attempt at vegetable gardening. We are so excited to get our hands in the dirt and start growing our own food using the raised row gardening method! Stay tuned because in the weeks to come we will be sharing our process for building the raised rows, using wood chips, setting up fencing, planting, and much more. Hope you enjoy!

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A little bit about us: Not only are we brand new to being homesteaders on YouTube, we JUST started our family homestead from scratch! We recently moved into this 100+ year old farmhouse with a little less than 4 acres, a couple barns, and a whole lot of potential. After being inspired by other homesteading channels, we decided to start our own to document our journey as a homesteading family.

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