Shade Flowers For Your Garden

There is nothing to make one appreciate a shade garden more. Gardens provide a relaxing and cool place to relax, and can be the ideal place to entertain family and friends outdoors during the hot days of summer. They can be an space if they’re filled with beautiful and fragrant flowering blossoms.

Finding the shade flowers that are suitable can be a challenge, however. Shade loving flowers are native to forest locations, and will do to full shade conditions, while others will only blossom in light shade conditions. One of the keys to selecting flowers that are appropriate will determine just how much shade and sunlight your garden receives during the day. You can begin to select shade flowers for your garden, as soon as you have determined whether you’ve got light, medium or full shade conditions.

Flowers that are shade tend to come in a more limited color palette than their fun sun counterparts: pink, blue, and white are the shade flower colors, and you should try to design your colour flower garden with these colors in your mind. Some popular shade flowers include Showy Sedums, Columbines, Wood Anemones and Bleeding Hearts. You should pick both early and late blooming flower varieties to guarantee color all season long.

If you’re searching for a low maintenance garden, a shade garden will be an excellent choice as plants and flower tend to grow much slower giving you flexibility and more time when it comes to caring for them. You should also think about planting perennials instead of annuals in your shade garden, because perennials will last for years with only minimal maintenance (watering, periodic fertilizing and dividing every few years).

You will have to make certain that your flowers receive adequate nutrients and water since they’ll compete with tree roots for these resources since many shade gardens are under trees. With the proper care and attention, however, you should be able to create a garden retreat filled with colour flowers to enjoy for years to come.

Michelle Day is an avid gardener. You can read more about choosing and caring for colour flowers on her Shade Perennial Garden website.

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