winemana Round Biodegradable Peat Pots for seedlings, 3 x 3 in, 100 Pack Plant Starter Pots Kit 100 Plant Labels, Perfect for Vegetables, Fruits, Succulents



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Product Description

Nursery Peat Pots

Nursery Peat PotsNursery Peat Pots

Don’t feel nervous because you are a novice planter, our peat pots are specially designed for you! Save time and money, the degradable peat pot will never let you down.

Package: Each package comes with 100 pieces peat pots, also includes 100 plant tags for meeting your daily planting use. Especially suitable for novice plant lovers.
Biodegradable: Our peat pots are made of natural coconut shreds and paper pulp. When plants take root and sprout, the outer shell can be degraded and become organic nutrients for absorption by plants.
Advantage: The bottom of our peat pots is breathable, balanced drainage is conducive to growth, good ventilation function is conducive to the growth of flowers and plants, and the utilization of soil and fertilizer is high.
Profession: Our peat pots absorb heat during the day and keep warm at night to protect the roots of plants, ensure the absorption of fertilizers, and have an obvious water-locking effect during drought. It is widely used in the planting industry of flowers, vegetables, fruits and so on.
Efficient: Our peat pots help save the number of seeds, and convenient for long-distance transportation, and use nutritional support to plant seedlings, which is conducive to centralized planting and transplanting, which significantly improves economic efficiency and saves money.