Water Timer Electronic Sprinkler Timer Multi Smart Single-Outlet Water Hose Timer Outdoor Waterproof Automatic On Programmable Controller Rain Delay and Manual Control Irrigation System



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Product Description

Water TimerWater Timer

Water Timer

PROXRACER Water Timer, Attach the timer inlet to the outdoor faucet/spigot turning clockwise-hand tighten only.From the timer outlet connect a drip irrigation system or a garden hose.

irrigation timer

irrigation timer

water timer waterproof

water timer waterproof

Water Timer

Water Timer

Waterproof Water Timer LCD Screen

Waterproof & Durable: IP65 waterproof, tested with 10kg water pressure. The top connector is made of reinforced nylon fiber material, which make it much more durable and solid then ABS or plastic.

Water Leakage Prevent

Updating Design With Net to prevent water leakage,Mesh filter prevents dirt particles, prolonging life of the product

Water timer fit for adapter

2 size rings match well with NPT/UN standard type faucet.

water timerwater timer

Water Timer How to Use

Setting day & time

set the current time.push”set clock”to select hours then push “tringle” to set minutes,At last, push“tringle”to set which days.Adjustusing “plus””minus” to increasing or decreasing.After set,Press “OK” to confirm and save the setting.

Setting-Start time

set the first time watering.Press “tringle”to “on”sho in screen.When it show”off”,the program is closed.Push “Start time”to select hours then push “tringle to set minutes.push “tringle”again to set which days.Adjusting Using”Plus”“Minus”to increasing or decreasing.After set,Press “OK” to confirm and save the setting.

Setting-How Often

Set watering frequency,push “how often” to select the watering days.Press “tringle” to the “MO” flash,this is setting Monday.Press”Plus”to keep or”minus” to deactivate:Do this for each day you would like to water.After setting press “ok” to confirm

Water timerWater timer

Setting -HowLong

Set the watering time,Push “HowLong” to select the watering time,Adjust using “Plus””minus”to increasing or decreasing.(watering frequency is 5-55s/per 5 secomds,1-59minutes/Per 1 minute,1-99hour/Per 1hour)After set,Press “OK” to confirm and save the setting.

Programming Cycle

After P1 setting,press “program”to P2.Same setting as P1,After finish P2.Press “Program”again to P3 setting Program.


To instandly water.Push Program 3seconds until “Watering” show in screen.Then how long screen will flash.You can adjust water time by “Plus””minus”.After setting.Press “OK” to confirm,then when time arrive,it will stop by itself.When it is watering as automatic set.Press “Program”3 seconds,It can stop this time.These opearate will not influence the automatic setting.


Dark Green Hose Holder

Black Garden Hose


Free Standing With Package of Gardening Tools


Outer Material



Free Stand

3/4” Inches connector

Easy Set Flexible Irrigation Programming : sprinkler timer Proxracer water timer allow wider range of run time and interval. The watering duration ranges from 1s to 99hr for you to set, and irrigation interval have 3 programe to set,every irrigation programming can set by your mind and work everyday. That can make you watering schedule fully(Hose Tap Connection :3/4 Internal Thread;Water Outlet :3/4 Internal Thread)
INTELLIGENT POWER SYSTEM:Water Timer ALL-IN-ONE LARGE SCREEN Easy Read interface and OVER 6 MONTHS WORKING TIME Only need 2*AA batteries,turn off automatically without operation within 20 seconds.
Water Timer Weatherproof WATERPROOF&DURABLE: IP65 waterproof, can be tested with 10kg water pressure with new pneumatic sealed components to strongly avoid leaking. The top connector is made of reinforced nylon fiber material much more impact-resistant and wear-resistant than ABS or plastic.Waterproof battery case with internal rubber ring around the cover protects the batteries inside.
INTELLIGENT POWER&MULTI-FUNCTION: Watering Timer Smart display remaining power to ensure you are aware of the available power. Manual mode allow instant watering use without interrupting your set irrigation program. Accurate timing display in manual.It can handle great amount of water pressure as well for far more power-efficient. The powerful chip will detect low power supply and shut off hose timer before battery dead.
Guarantee SATISFACTION:Proxarcer sprinkler timer tries best to improve product quality and peace of mind satisfaction service.if you have any question,please feel free to contact us and we offer 24 hours friendly customer service