Volcanic Plant Food & Fertilizer Booster for Flowers & Plants! – ZeoBliss by TODICAMP – Feeds for Several Months! All Valuable Minerals! Accumulates Nutrients! – Safe for Pets! – (3.5 oz – 125 Doses)



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Product Description

ZeoBliss plant foodZeoBliss plant food


Being a Natural Volcanic Mineral – ZeoBliss – nourishes every cell of your plant with all valuable minerals:

✔️- Sodium Na – Helps to regulate plant and flower internal water balance.

✔️- Potassium K – Helps to regulate the opening and closing of the stomata, which regulates the exchange of water vapor, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

✔️- Calcium Ca – Holds the cell walls of plants together. It also activates specific plant enzymes, which send signals to the plant cells that coordinate certain growth activities.

✔️- Silicon Si – Helps to improve drought tolerance and delay wilting.

✔️- Magnesium Mg – Is the powerhouse behind photosynthesis in plants. Without magnesium, chlorophyll cannot capture sun energy needed for photosynthesis.

✔️- Copper Cu – Activates some enzymes in plants which are involved in lignin synthesis, and it is essential in several enzyme systems.

✔️- Zinc Zn – Activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of proteins. It is used in conversion of starches to sugars and its presence in plant tissue, helping the plant to withstand high and cold temperatures!

✔️- Iron Fe – Helps the plant move oxygen throughout the roots, leaves, and other parts of the plant, producing the green color that lets you know that your plant is feeling good!

The additional information about ZeoBlissThe additional information about ZeoBliss

Zeobliss Pet friendly fertilizerZeobliss Pet friendly fertilizer

Suggested Use:

The amount of ZeoBliss differs according to the size of the plant. For small and medium plants, you should make two to four holes in the soil 2-3 inches deep using a suitable garden tool and then add a scoop of ZeoBliss in each hole. For a bigger plant, you should make three to five holes 5-7 inches deep and add one to two scoops of Zeobliss in each hole. After Adding Zeobliss, fill the holes with soil and continue fertilizing and watering the plant as usual.

ATTENTION: If you think you added too much ZeoBliss – NO WORRIES, your plants will love it!

🌺 – FEEDS FOR SEVERAL MONTHS – Being a Volcanic Mineral, ZeoBliss has an extremely rich composition – Na, K, Fe, Ca, Cu, Zn, Si, Mg. These components regulate Water and Oxygen Balance, Activate Essential Plant Enzymes and give Power & Strength your plants need! As you use ZeoBliss, you will notice that your plants and flowers grow & thrive like never before!
🌺 – PROMOTES ABSORPTION OF NUTRIENTS – ZeoBliss accumulates and then gradually releases nutrients & fertilizers to plants. The absorption capacity is 70% of its own weight! It improves the absorption of nutrients from the soil and releases it to plants for steady and healthy growth.
🌺 – STRENGTHENS PLANT ROOTS – Tired of plants and flowers with weak roots? ZeoBliss will target plant roots to help a plant grow to its maximum potential from the ground up. It works for both indoor and outdoor plants!
🌺 – ALL PURPOSE PLANT FOOD – ZeoBliss is suitable for ALL Indoor and Outdoor plants and flowers, as it’s compositions is essential for all kinds of plants!
🌺 – ALL NATURAL, PET FRIENDLY – This substance is 100% natural and organic for you and your pets safety! Never worry about your pet’s health with this awesome fertilizer!