Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2 (No Frame) – Create and Harvest Worm Castings Quickly with a Breathable Vermicomposting Worm Farm



Price: $89.00
(as of Sep 23,2021 04:58:15 UTC – Details)

Recycle Organic Waste and Make Vermicompost or Worm Castings with the Urban Worm Bag – | Breathable Material Keeps Your Worm Farm Aerobic | Frame| Plans for DIY Frame Included | Feed from the Top, Collect Ready-To-Use High-Yield Organic Worm Castings From the Bottom To Use in Your Garden or Growing Operation

After DIY frame assembly, just follow the easy start-up direction and start composting using a bed of moist, carbon-based household waste like saturated cardboard or newsprint. Coco coir and aged horse manure is an excellent choice, but for best results, start with existing vermicompost.

The Urban Worm Bag can process non-dairy, non-meat household waste and turn it into a potent organic soil amendment or fertilizer right in your home.

Featuring 4 sq ft of vermicomposting space and over 5 cubic ft of volume, an Urban Worm Bag at max capacity can hold up to 8 lbs of composting worms, processing up to 3-4 lbs of household waste per day.

*How long until I can harvest worm castings?*
If you start from scratch, it should be about 4-6 months before you should expect to harvest worm castings from the bottom of your Urban Worm Bag. You can reduce this time (and better ensure a happy home for your worms) if you start with an existing amount of vermicompost as a starter material.

*What are the specs on the Urban Worm Bag?*
Bag Only Height:22 in
Bag Only Width:24 in Bag Only Length: 24 in
Weight:7.5 lbs
Volume at Max Load:5.3 cubic ft
Fabric:900D Oxford with a polyurethane coating for moisture resistance
Frame:Lightweight iron frame with plastic 3-way connectors
Zippers: Marine-grade #8 nylon

**New Version** Produce worm castings quickly with the Urban Worm Bag’s aerobic design and 900D Oxford fabric that breathes without losing moisture too quickly.
High-capacity worm farm. Much larger than stackable systems and 33% the price of the most expensive home worm bin. Highest capacity-to-price value.
Feed thru top and harvest worm castings thru interior fabric enclosure and no-leak, marine-grade zipper bottom protected by interior layer. Moist castings can be used in your gardens or soil.
Rapid worm reproduction and organic waste recycling with continuous flow concept. Most users will never have to screen their harvests or perform tedious sorting as worms will remain at the top of the bin
Very easy-to-follow DIY frame instructions included. Use our instructions for an inexpensive frame or come up with your own!