Tierra Garden 9487 90-Percent Recycled Material Composter Tumbler, 50-Gallon



Price: $203.69
(as of Sep 24,2021 18:26:19 UTC – Details)

The Tierra-Derco 50-gallon compost tumbler is constructed from 90-Percent recycled materials (drum) with heavy-duty steel tube frame. Turns your kitchen and garden waste into rich compost. Cuts down on household garbage by recycling organic materials. Unique construction enables air circulation to speed up composting. Built-in mixing fins help break up clumps. Features two wheels on the back of the frame for easy mobility. 39.2-inch long by 31.1-inch wide by 35-1/2-inch high. Capacity 7-cubic-feet.

Turns kitchen waste into rich compost
Drum is constructed from 90-percent recycled plastic
Heavy-duty steel tube frame
9.2-Inch long by 31.1-Inch wide by 35-1/2-Inch high.