Survival Garden Seeds Tri-Color Watermelon Collection Seed Vault – Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds for Planting Vegetables – Yellow, Red, and Orange Watermelons



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Product Description

Survival Garden Seeds for planting in your home gardenSurvival Garden Seeds for planting in your home garden

Safety and Security with Survival Garden Seeds

survival garden seeds heirloom non gmo open pollinatedsurvival garden seeds heirloom non gmo open pollinated

Quality Seeds with Proven Results

Survival Garden Seeds are proven varieties of seeds with great track records for productivity. These heirlooms have generations of success with home gardeners just like you. They’re open-pollinated, non-hybrid seeds. They will grow true-to-type if isolated from other varieties, for seed collection and long-term food supplies.

HeirloomOpen-pollinatedNon-hybridProven varieties

family cooking home grown vegetables garden seedsfamily cooking home grown vegetables garden seeds

Security for your family

Feed your family and freeze, can, or dry the excess for long term storage with the food you’ll grow from these vegetable, herb, and fruit seeds for planting. Each individual seed packet contains instructions for growing, as well as guidance on how to save seeds for the future once your harvest is over.

Grown in the USA, Made in the USA, American seedsGrown in the USA, Made in the USA, American seeds

Grown in the USA

All of our seeds are sourced in the United States. Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing these seeds have been grown and reproduced here and will not come with any concerns of contamination that can come from foreign sources. Every variety we sell can be grown in the continental United States.

Survival Garden – from our family to yours

At Survival Garden Seeds, we care about people. Family is at the heart of all we do. When we were growing up, the time spent in the garden was a big part of our family. It helped to keep us safe and secure, even when times were tough. We were always able to have enough food, simply because we grew our own.

That is our hope for your family, too. You can feel the security of having plenty of food for years to come.

Feed your family with Survival Garden Seeds.

survival garden seedssurvival garden seeds

A Real Survival Plan for Your Family

Be suspicious and leery of companies that say all the seed in their collection remains viable for 30 years. It’s not accurate. That’s not a good survival plan.

Our seed packets show how long each seed variety will remain viable if stored correctly. One important way to always have fresh seed is to grow seeds out regularly and save seed from that crop.

Three Watermelon Varieties – Plant and grow your own Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Yellow Petite Watermelon, and Tendersweet Orange Watermelon in your home garden. Treat yourself to some of the most delicious food that nature has to offer, right in your own garden!
Summer Flavor – These juicy, delicious watermelon varieties are delightfully different! Red, orange, and yellow watermelon have diverse flavor profiles, so you can explore and decide on your favorite. No matter what, summer never tasted so sweet!
SURVIVAL SEED VAULT – Grow now or save in long term storage by storing in a place shielded from temperature, moisture, and light. Feel secure knowing you’ve got seeds ready to plant!
Variety of Produce – A diverse array of seeds grown and cultivated in the USA for planting and growing in warm weather in your home vegetable garden.
Individual Seed Packages – Beautiful paper packaging that can be used to mark rows or stored for reference. Info-rich instructions with important details for successful planting, growth, and saving seeds for future years.