SUPERthrive VI30148 Plant Vitamin Solution, 4 Ounce – 00014



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Our Mission:

At Superthrive, we strive to provide an extraordinary product. We work to create opportunities for home gardeners and professional growers as they make their homes, communities a better place to live.

Superthrive VI30148 Plant Vitamin Solution, 4 Ounce – 00014

Unique vitamin solution with kelpNon-toxic ingredientsHigh economic ValueRestores plant vigorPromotes chemical balanceReduces transplant shock

Superthrive Is a Highly Concentrated Non-toxic Vitamin Solution Invigorating All Variety of Greenery for Home Gardeners and Professionals Alike. It Is Equally Suited for Hydro-seeding, Hydroponics, and Foliar Spraying.
Superthrive Maximizes Potential by Quickly Building a Strong Root Base and Reducing Transplant Shock; Restores plant vigor
Superthrive Replenishes the Soil to Nourish and Encourage the Natural Building Blocks That Plants Make Themselves under Optimum Conditions.
Not sold in WI,SD