Succulent Plants 12-Pack, Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil – Real Live Potted Succulents, Hand Selected Randomly Variety Pack of Mini Succulents (12 Pack)



Product Description


succulents plants live succulentssucculents plants live succulents

Colorful and varieties of beautiful & fully rooted succulents

Our succulents are grown in California with beautiful sunshine, each succulents are hand picked by our excellent gardeners, we ensure our succulents to be healthy & beautiful.

Some type of succulents are seasonal, the temperature and season will affect the plant growth, our listing images are just for reference, succulents might be different from images when receiving packages. We will mix & match different varieties of succulents based on what’s currently available.

What’s inside the packages?

*Different varieties of healthy succulents

*Succulent care guide

succulents plants live succulentssucculents plants live succulents

California-Environmental advantages

With the environmental advantages in sunshine California, allows us to produce more varieties/colorful succulents, BIGGER.

Each succulents are grown in a 2 inch flower pot for 6-8 weeks, to ensure the plants are healthy and strong enough to be transported to different places. Our team of experts have discovered a professional sprinkler system and soil formula, excellent drainage and organic soil prevents black rots & enough nutrient for plants. When our customers receive their packages, our succulents can stay healthy for months without transporting to new flower pot.

succulents plants live succulents

succulents plants live succulents

succulents plants live succulents

succulents plants live succulents

succulents plants live succulents

succulents plants live succulents

Creative with Succulents

Succulents are very suitable for planting in glass containers, transparent glass containers allows plants to receive enough sunlight, succulents also loves the sunshine. Succulents can even survive in arid environments. Therefore glass containers are perfect for succulents, you’ll be amazed by your creativity!

Decoration for your environment

Want to blend into a beautiful environment like nature? You can simply mix & match our different varieties of succulents, it will bloom with other plants as well!


These beautiful succulents can achieve more possibilities, more than you can imagine, succulents with strong vitality does not require much time to care for them. You can place them in many places, design more ideas for these cute plants, Not just place them in flower pots.

The delightful and adorable collection of plant: The stylish and colorful collections are designed through our profession. Instead of the tiresome energy and time, very little care is required to plant the natural and beautiful plant. If you want extra succulents tips, we are pleased to help you.
DIY house decoration: the decoration ideas are beyond your imagination; exhibit them in the book stands, bedside tables, wall mounts, gorgeous cruses, as well as even fresh bouquet and fashion accessories with handbags or lovely jewelry. Due to their care costs extremely low, they may become the ideal mate in your workplace to delight you from work.
Great gifts for great person: The succulents gifts can be sent to everyone, no matter kids or grandparents. In the occasion of wedding, bridal party,mother’s day or father’s day as well as special birthday party and holiday seasons, the succulents are your great choice.
Hand Picked: We selected your each package by hands with extraordinary arrangement in great detail. The unique collection of varieties are completely rooted in the 2 inch flowerpots, as you can see in the pictures.
30 days guaranteed: We endeavor to deliver the highest standard quality products. We have 30-day guarantee, and you’ll enjoy your plants collection or receive a full refund.