Sprinkler Timer, Outdoor One-Button Setting, IPX5 Waterproof Programmable Irrigation Timer, Multiple Specifications Optional, Used for Regular Irrigation of Garden Lawn Plants,S



Price: $66.99
(as of Oct 28,2021 17:33:33 UTC – Details)

●IP54 waterproof.
●3/4 inch entrance.
●3/4 inch socket.
●Powered by 3 AAA 1,5V alkaline batteries (not included).
●Battery compartment with O-ring.
●Working water pressure: 8Bar (120PSI).
●Flow rate: 5 L/min to 35 L/min.
● Irrigation frequency: every 1/2/3/4…7 days.
●Irrigation time: 1/2/3/5…55 minutes.

Package contains:
Irrigation timer*1
Instruction Manual*1

End watering
In the state of the blue LED light, continuously press the setting key to “OFF”, and the watering program will be closed.
Start irrigation
·Once the watering plan is reached, the equipment will automatically start watering. At this time, the “ON” light and the outer ring LED light flash once every 3 seconds, indicating that the equipment is watering until the end of the watering process.
During the watering process, press the setting button continuously, the watering stops, the valve closes, and the watering program is set again.
·During the watering process, press and hold the setting button for 3 seconds, the LED light will switch to the “OFF” position to force the watering to stop, but the program setting parameters remain unchanged, and the program will continue to open the next time the watering is performed.
Manual watering
Press and hold “Settings” for 3 seconds, the indicator light will switch to “In” position, start manual watering but the previous program setting parameters remain unchanged “on. The default time for manual watering is 25 minutes and 25 minutes later, the program resumes the previous setting program .

[One-button control, easy to program] HHLU watering timer is very easy to program, all controlled by a button. And it supports setting the watering frequency from 1h to 8h, 12h, 24h, 48h, 72h, one week, and the watering duration is 1/2/3/5… 55 Min.
[IP54 waterproof and durable] HHLU irrigation timer is IP54 waterproof, which can be used outdoors for a long time. The control system of the programmable timer is made of high-quality electronic components and industrial-grade ABS materials. It is durable, weatherproof, UV resistant, and can be precisely controlled for many years.
[General specification, easy to install] The hose thread of this programmable water timer is 3/4″ inlet and 3/4″ outlet. Can be used in North America. It is easy to use and can be easily installed without tools.
[Precise irrigation, water saving] The compact mini irrigation timer for the end of the garden hose can be used for drip irrigation system, micro greenhouse irrigation, garden lawn sprinkler control, atomization system and other basic irrigation control systems for indoor and outdoor use. HHLU garden irrigation system can save you time and water every day. When using it, you don’t have to worry that no one will take care of the garden while on vacation.
[Stable performance] The performance is stable, and the weak current protection function automatically closes the valve when the power is insufficient to avoid continued watering. Long-lasting battery life of 10-12 months; simple one-key operation, built-in watering program can be freely switched by clicking the middle knob.