Spin Bin 60 Gal. Outdoor Compost Tumbler Rotating Garden Composter Bin (Black)



Price: $169.99
(as of Oct 17,2021 10:12:28 UTC – Details)

Made of 100-percent recycled plastic, and molded in the USA, the dark plastic color absorbs the suns heat which in turn helps heat up the materials in side, speeding up the composting process. Inside the compost bin, the walls are ribbed providing added strength and superior mixing action. The dual mixing bar greatly increases the mixing action allowing the compost to aerate with each turn. With 20 ventilation slots, the compost inside the bin will always have enough oxygen to keep it well aerated, and when standing upright, the slots allow compost tea to drain out easily into the soil. A single hole on each of the four panels of the bin make an easy-to-use port for a compost thermometer. This makes it easy to get a quick, mess-free temperature reading on the compost inside without even opening the bin. The tumbling action of the bin keeps the contents inside mixed well, creating compost in almost half the time as a stationary compost bin. The bin holds up to 60 gallons (or about 9.3 cubic feet), and the sturdy, powder coated steel legs hold the bin securely off the ground. Along with being off the ground, the twist-locking lids on either end keep animal pests out and away from the compost. The sturdy stand keeps the bin off the ground and allows for easy rotation. With compost instructions embossed on the inside of each lid, you can always have a quick reference for what items can and cannot be composted. Spin Bin Specifications: • Recycled plastic • Holds up to 60 gallons (9.3 cu ft.) • 1-Inch thick powder coated steel legs Spin Bin Features: • 20 ventilation/drainage slots • 4 compost thermometer ports • Dual locking lids • Sturdy, powder coated legs • Easy assembly only needs a Phillips screwdriver • Wide mouth for easy access to contents inside • Compost instructions embossed in each lid • Available in black

BIGGER 60 GALLON COMPOSTER CAPACITY Faster, Easier Outdoor Composting: No more back breaking effort.
MOLDED IN THE USA Better Aeration: 20 ventilation slots, dual mixer bar and rugged ribbed interior.
SUPERIOR QUALITY Molded right here in the USA, your Spin Bin has super strong steel legs.
SIMPLE TO ASSEMBLE AND USE We provide hardware and instructions for quick, easy assembly
DURABLE Member Approved by the National Home Gardening Club, 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty