Solar Powered Tap Timer, White, Irrigation tap Timer



Price: $55.00
(as of Oct 20,2021 04:00:23 UTC – Details)

Now you won’t have to worry about having a brown or a black thumb, at least when it comes to watering your plants. Watex Solar Tap Timer is here to help you with an efficient watering system and give you peace of mind. This solar-powered 2 dial tap timer is environment-friendly and saves you some extra bucks by running on solar power. All you need to do it connect it to your hose and select the water duration anywhere from 2 mins to 240 mins. with a frequency from every 6 hours to every 7 days. You also have a manual setting for instant irrigation without disturbing your automatic set up. Now you can continue to forget watering your plants and not feel bad about it.

Runs on Solar energy- A clean energy source to recharge the timer with 2-Dial Tap Timer for automatic watering.
Environment friendly and easy on pocket: Comes with rechargeable batteries.
Flexible watering system: You can set up water duration from 2 mins to 240 mins runtime with a frequency from every 6 hours to every 7 days.
Manual setting: Set up instant watering manually without affecting the automatic system.
No more dead plants on your watch.