Shasta Daisy Seeds – Perennial Flower – Butterfly Nectar Non-GMO 3000 Seeds



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Shasta Daisies brilliant yellow centers and white petals. They are larger than normal daisies, ideal to plant with black eyed susan flowers they both prefer the same warmth and dry growing conditions. Planting Shasta Daisies, If you seed directly, expect blooms the following spring after one season’s growth. Digging every three to five years and dividing the overgrown clumps before relocating expands your daisy bed and keeps the plants healthy.

Shasta White Daisy Seeds (Chrysanthemum Maximum) Open Pollinated
Attracts Butterfly, blooms early spring through fall. Add beauty to your flower garden.
CLASSIC PERENNIAL tend to bloom in clumps from 2 -3 feet tall 1 -2 feet wide
84% Germination Rate – Planting Zone: 2-11 – Full Sun Daisy
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