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Bentley Seed Co. is excited to feature our seed starter kit dedicated to Culinary Herbs! This collection is perfect for the home gardner, or the foodie looking for sustainability! The Culinary Herb kit can accommodate multiple plantings, for a continual crop of fresh Herbs on demand! Give your food the fresh and healthy touch with our Culinary Herb Seed Starter Kit! This kit includes natural wooden Row markers to help you keep track of your plantings and harvests. Packets Included: 1 pack THYME, Vulgaris (180mg) 1 pack CHIVES, Allium Schoenoprasum (300mg) 1 pack GARLIC CHIVES, Allium Tuberosum (300mg) 1 pack CILANTRO, Slow-Bolting Coriander (1.2G) 1 pack BASIL, Ocium Basilicum citriodorum (500mg) 1 pack BASIL, Sweet Genovese (500mg) 1 pack OREGANO, Origanum vulgare (180mg) 1 pack SAGE, Broadleaf-Salvia officinalis (240mg) 1 pack PARSLEY, Plain-Italian Flat (600mg) 1 pack SUMMER SAVORY, Satureja hortensis (240mg) 1 pack DILL, Mammoth Long Island (1.5G) Remember to keep your packets cool and dry for maximum germination life!

11 Total Packets! Over a years worth of NON-GMO Fresh HERBS in every kit!
Fresh Crop Retail Grade Seed Packets
Perfect for seed starters, in the kitchen, or directly sow in your garden!
Multiple plantings per packet, seed will last for at least 12 months of planting!
Natural Wood Row markers ( 11 Total ) Included!