Russel Lupine Mix Seeds – Perennial Flower – Attracts Pollinators – Non-GMO 225 Seeds



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Lupinus polyphyllus is an early season perennial that may take a year after planting to offer it’s stunning blooms. North American Native Wildflower Lupines are decorative as well as useful in a garden because of their ability to fix nitrogen from the air and give your garden a natural soil enhancer

Russell Strain Mixed Seeds – (Lupinus polyphyllus) – Colorful Blooms
Popular lupine garden flower will attract butterflies, birds, and neighbors to your garden
PLANTING: Lupines love cooler climates with shade in the heat of the day. Sandy well drained soil for faster blooming time to help the plant form a tap root before blooming grow. Clay soil, blooms may take on year for growth and full colorful blooms.
Height up to 40 inches – Full Sun Partial Shade – Planting Zone 3-9
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