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Named after the Greek word amarantos which means one that does not wither”” colorful amaranth flower buds stay vibrant even after drying.
Cultivated by the Aztecs 8000 years ago amaranth is still popular in many cultures and becoming more so in recent years.It can be popped like corn cooked similar to rice or pasta or ground to flour.Amaranth has a long history and has been in use for many centuries by many different cultures.
Although amaranth was cultivated on a large scale in ancient Mexico Guatemala and Peru nowadays it is only cultivated on a small scale there along with India China Vietnam and other tropical countries.
Amaranth include numerous vitamins minerals and amino acids amaranth is very similar to other grains (like wheat) as well as to other green leafy vegetables (like Swiss chard). Amaranth contains about four times as much calcium as wheat and twice as much iron and magnesium.Grain amaranth is easy to cook is highly palatable and can easily be included in snacks and dishes.
Amaranth is grown and consumed as a leafy vegetable in many countries around the world.

Sowing: Amaranth germinates when the soil temperature reaches at least 70 degrees F, so gardeners in cool climates may want to start their seed indoors 4-6 weeks before transplanting.
Direct sow the seed several weeks after the last spring frost; sow thinly 1/4″ deep in rows 16-18″ apart, thinning the seedlings to 10-12″ apart as soon as they appear.
Some gardeners prefer closer spacing such as 2-3″ if harvesting the greens only. Amaranth prefers full sun and well drained soil. Germination should occur within 8-10 days.
Growing: Amaranth tolerates drought very well once established, but the the greens will be more tender if the soil is kept moist.