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Red Chief Poppy: California Poppies are native to California. They prefer full sun and can grow where the water supply is limited. They don’t abide transplanting very well and typically do better if started outdoors. California Poppies can be perennial but are frost sensitive and will not survive in colder climates. They need well-drained soils to grow in. These flowers can be fall planted in zones 7-10. There are several varieties of California Poppies. There are Perennial and Annual native California Poppies that are a brilliant orange color, as well as multicolored varieties that come in single and double petals, such as the ‘Mission Bell Mix’.

The soil must be average or well-drained in order to have optimal results. The flowers will tolerate sandy soil and loamy soil.
It’s known as being one of the most famous wildflowers to be naturally grown in the world, and can cover entire hillsides, especially on the Pacific Coast. Common Names: Common poppy, Common Red poppy, Corn poppy, Flanders poppy, Shirley poppy Latin Name: Papaver rhoeas Species Origin: Introduced US Wildflower Type: Garden Flowers Life Cycle: Annual
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