RAINPOINT Sprinkler Timer with Wi-Fi Hub, Smart Watering Timer Programmable Water Timer Hose Faucet Timer, Wireless Remote Control Irrigation System with Water Flow Meter, for Outdoor Yard, Garden



Product Description

Wifi Sprinkler TimerWifi Sprinkler Timer

watering timerwatering timer

water timer

water timer

hose faucet timer

hose faucet timer

irrigation timer

irrigation timer

WiFi Remote Control

When the timer is connected to the hub and 2.4GHz WiFi, you can remote control your watering schedule via APP from anywhere with internet access. The maximum signal range is 160 ft in the open area without interference.

Weather Awareness

It will grab the latest local weather forecast from the APP and soil moisture from the soil sensor (not included), and automatically adjust watering schedule according to the trigger conditions you set.

Save Water, Save Money

Rainpoint Wifi sprinkler timer built-in a water flow meter. It will track and record the water flow and usage to help you make decisions to adjust the water consumption when necessary, avoiding water wastage.

Wifi sprinkler timer

Wifi sprinkler timer

hose timer

hose timer

irrigation system

irrigation system

Real Time Notifications & Alarms

If the battery is low or the Wifi hub goes offline, you will be alerted. And whenever a watering cycle stops or is skipped due to weather conditions, you will receive notifications on your phone.

Paring with Rainpoint Wifi Soil Sensor

Rainpoint Wifi sprinkler timer can be paired with the Rainpoint Wifi Soil Sensor (sold separately), to obtain real-time soil temperature and moisture information, achieve more accurate automatic watering.

High Quality, Outdoor Use

It has a built-in high-quality solenoid valve that can withstand high pressure and ensures no water leaking. In addition, the timer adopts UV-safe exterior and waterproof design to protect it from harsh weather conditions.

watering timer for gardenwatering timer for garden

watering systemwatering system

Quick Start Guide

1) Power the Wi-Fi Hub & Timer

a. Plug the Wi-Fi Hub into an indoor outlet.

b. Insert 4 AA Batteries into the timer.

(The battery tray is under the timer. Batteries are not included)

2) Initial RainPoint App Setup

Download the RainPoint App, then create an account and login.

3) Pair the Wi-Fi Hub

a. Click the button “Add Device” or “+” on the home page of the app.

b. Choose “Add Manually” and “Smart Irrigation”, and then click “Irrigation Hub”.

c. Follow the app setup wizard. Press and hold the button on the Wi-Fi Hub around 5 seconds until a blue LED light rapidly flashing.

d. Enter Wi-Fi Password and connect with Wi-Fi. (Only 2.4G Wi-Fi are supported).

4) Pair the Wi-Fi Hose Faucet Timer

a. After successfully pairing with Wi-Fi Hub and connecting to Wi-Fi, click the button “Manager added devices” on the app to add your timer.

b. Follow the app setup wizard. Press and hold the button on your timer around 5 seconds until the blue LED light rapidly flashing.

c. Once the timer is paired successfully, the APP will show “Device added successfully” .

5) Install the Timer on the Outdoor Faucet

6) Program Your Timer on APP

📱 [Easy Programming via APP]: When the sprinkler timer is connected to WiFi (2.4Ghz), you can simply program it and manage your watering schedule via RainPoint App (Android, iOS) from anytime and anywhere. No need to worry about watering plants when you go out.
🌦 [Smart Watering & Rain Delay]: This watering timer has weather sense and it can be connected to Rainpoint Wifi soil sensor (not included). It will check local weather forecasts and soil moisture, then adjust the watering schedule or start rain delay automatically as you set.
📅 [3 Individual Watering Programs]: Rainpoint Wifi Irrigation timer has 3 separate watering programs, which means it has 3 different start times per day with customized watering frequency and duration. So you can decide to water at fixed times in the morning, noon and evening.
💦 [2 Watering Modes, Track & Save Water]: This Wifi hose faucet timer built-in water flow meter and has 2 watering mode: Irrigation & Mist, which records the water flow during use and provides more scientific watering settings to save water.
🏡 [Co-management with family]: Rainpoint Wifi water timer allows you to add family members and share home irrigation management. Enjoy the time to manage the yard with your family. No more worrying about repeating watering.