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Phlox is an annual flower that is native to California. It can be found along the coast and works well as a cut flower. Blooms are white, but are often shaded with a light pink or purple color. Direct sow mountain phlox seeds in fall for the earliest blooms, or after the last spring frost for early summer bloom. Plant more every several weeks for continuous flowers. These plants can also be started indoors in peat pots; sow just below the surface of the soil, keeping it evenly moist and at a temperature of 65-70 degrees F. Germination usually occurs within 15-20 days. Transplant outdoors as soon as they can safely be handled and there is no chance of frost. All our seeds are Home Grown in the USA – Isla’s Garden

Beautiful! Fantastic addition to your home flower garden! This annual will bloom gorgeous white flowers with pedals often shaded a light in pink tone. Just beautiful and lovely to gaze at.
US Native Wildflower: Large-Flowered Phlox, also called Large-Flowered Collomia, is an erect flower that stands up to 3 feet tall and has clusters of flowering buds at the top of its stem. It is native to the Northwest and can be found in meadows and forests at low to mid elevations. It grows throughout the states of Oregon and Washington, even reaching into parts of Canada. Its leaves are lance shaped and its flowers are a tubular design that spreads outward to 5 oval-shaped petals.
Scientific Name Collomia grandiflora Product Type Native Flower Color Pink, White, Yellow Cycle Annual Origin Native Height 4-36″ Bloom Season Summer
USDA Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9,10
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