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Morning glories are often the first flowering vines gardeners become familiar with. They are fast-growing annual vines that are actually in the same botanical family as sweet potatoes (though they don’t produce edible tubers). The brightly colored trumpet-shaped flowers have a slight fragrance and are popular with butterflies and hummingbirds. The buds are twirled up tightly and unfold when the sun hits them in the morning, giving them their unique name.

Native to Mexico and Central America, morning glory vines grow by clinging to nearby supports with tendrils, rapidly growing up to 12 feet or more a season. They can be planted by seed about a month before the last spring frost, and self-sow effusively, making it very likely they’ll come back the following year.

Morning Glory Care

Morning glories are a favorite of gardeners everywhere for good reason. The eye-catching vines are very low maintenance—they can be easily started from seed in early spring, and you don’t need to prune or deadhead them as they grow. Have a trellis or other support in place wherever you plant your seeds and the vines will soon find the support and train themselves to grow up it.

With regular watering, morning glories can start blooming by mid-summer, but many times they are slow to begin setting flowers, earning them the nickname “back to school vine.” If you want to try and speed up the flowering time of morning glories you seed yourself, you can try sowing the seeds even earlier in the spring by scattering them on the frozen ground and even on snow.

Mature Size: 6–10 ft. tall, 3–6 ft. wide
Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 2–11 (USDA)
Soil pH: Neutral to acidic