Outsidepride Rosemary Herb Plant Seed – 1000 Seeds



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Rosemarinus officinalis, or Rosemary, is an ornamental plant as well as a useful herb. In the garden, it provides an attractive perennial ground cover with deep violet blue flowers in abundance. It does well in hot, dry conditions and spreads vigorously, up to 18 – 36 inches in a year. In cold areas, Rosemary can be grown in containers to be brought in during the winter. It can be trimmed and shaped so that it does well in a pot. Rosemary is used in beauty products, teas, and as a seasoning for food. For harvesting, the flavor is at its highest before the plant is blooming. Leaves can be dried or frozen as well. Start Rosemary directly outdoors after danger of frost has passed. Press the seed into the soil, do not cover it and keep it moist. With a temperature of 65 – 85F, germination is usually in 28 days. Rosemary prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Measure rows of seed 18 inches apart and thin seedlings to 12 inches.

Outsidepride is a family owned U.S. Company. No other company on this listing is selling our seed.
USDA Zones: 7 – 11
12 – 36 inch perennial
Bloom Color: Purple
Sowing Rate: 1 seed per inch, approximately 1000 seeds covers 20 square feet