Organic Indoor Plant Food – VitaSea All Purpose Indoor Plant Fertilizer (6 oz) Beanstalk, Easy-to-Use Shaker, Succulent Fertilizer, Potted Plants, House-Plants



Product Description



Derived from seaweed extract

Our fertilizer uses safely harvested seaweed extract as a natural source of nutrients that support plant growth.

people and pet friendly

Non-toxic formula

Keep the ones around you safe. Our non-toxic formula ensures the safety of your little ones and your furry friends!

granules fertilizer

Homogeneous and dust free

VitaSea is a homogeneous mixture so every particle is packed with nutrients needed for growth.

made in the usa

Made in the USA

VitaSea’s seaweed comes from the beautiful state of Maine, and our fertilizer is proudly manufactured in the USA.

safe for all indoor plantssafe for all indoor plants

How to Reach Full Bloom

Shake It

Shake a small amount of VitaSea (about ¼-½ TBSP) around the base of your plant. Then, add water over application area.


Apply VitaSea to the base of your plants 1-2 times a month or at every watering for unhealthy plants.

Watch them grow

Sit back and watch your plants thrive!

Celebrate your success!

Enjoy every last blossom. You’ve earned it!



Hydroponic Systems, Indoor & Outdoor plants

Hydroponic Systems, Indoor & Outdoor plants

Hydroponic Systems, Indoor & Outdoor plants


Small Plant Projects

Small & Mid-sized projects

Large plant projects


1.4 lbs

7 lbs

10 lbs


2 gallons

10 gallons

15 gallons

Vitasea FAQs

Q: Will Vitasea help my dying plants?

A: VitaSea is designed to bring your plant a range of nutrients to promote plant growth.

Q: Will this cause fertilizer burn?

A: Nope, our product is designed to slowly release nutrients over time. This slow release process prevents fertilizer burn.

Q: Can this be used indoor and outdoors?

A: Yes, VitaSea is packed with the nutrients to nourish all of your plants, large and small! Its low odor makes it the perfect indoor option, but it also works perfectly well outdoors.

Q: Can you mix this when you are transplanting?

A: Yes, VitaSea’s slow release formula is perfect for transplanting and assisting in root support.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS – Each small grain of this product is packed with organic microorganisms and contains all of the nutrients needed for growth
SAFE FORMULATION – Our formula is child and pet friendly
GROW QUICKER – This natural fertilizer utilizes a dual approach of mycorrhizae to promote strong root growth and NPK to feed your plant with all the nutrients it needs
SHAKE & GO – Convenient shaker canister makes it use more convenient than traditional liquid fertilizers. Just shake at the base of your plant when watering and go
ALL PURPOSE – Multipurpose formula works on a variety of houseplants, from succulents to monstera. Use on all your indoor plants