Organic Book of Compost, 2nd Revised Edition: Easy and Natural Techniques to Feed Your Garden (IMM Lifestyle Books) Handbook to Sustainable, Low-Cost Methods, Community Composting, & More, with FAQs


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Grow beautiful garden plants with rich soil you produce yourself!

  • Complete guide to learning the sustainable, low-cost way to produce rich, fertile soil for your specific garden
  • Recycle your household waste in an environmentally efficient manner to grow beautiful fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Perfect for any size garden, whether you have a small space in the city or are a large-scale gardener in a rural area
  • Everything compost: what it is, how it works, how to make it, how to store it, and how to use it
  • What you can and cannot compost, the best methods for each material, how long it takes to rot, and other important notes
  • Valuable insight on organic gardening, community composting, worm composting, various techniques, FAQs, and more

Help your garden to flourish the natural way!

Whether you have experience with compost or are a beginner who has always wanted to learn more and see how you can incorporate composting into your lifestyle, this book provides everything you’ll need to know.

From understanding what compost is, how it works, and ways to make it, to how to use and store it, this handbook, written in clear and simple terms, carefully explains the sustainable, low-cost way to produce rich soil in your backyard.

Author Pauline Pears is head of knowledge transfer at Garden Organic Ryton, part of Garden Organic, which is Europe’s largest organic membership organization. She and her team answer many thousands of gardening queries a year. Pauline has written six books on organic gardening and is heavily involved with community composting, offering help and advice to members of the public.

Whether you have a large backyard, a small garden space, or only a balcony, composting can be customized to fit you and your lifestyle. With detailed chapters on the benefits of composting, getting started, making compost, worm composting, leaf mold, mulching, high-fiber heap, grass-boarding, bokashi, Green Cone, apple worm heap, trench composting, and more—plus a handy section of frequently asked questions—Organic Book of Compost is the only composting book you need to get started!

“Learn all the dirt on organic composting in this gem of a book.”
—Lisa Steele, author of Gardening with Chickens

“The thorough coverage of composting in all its different forms is wonderfully informative—not only how to compost effectively, but why certain methods work the way they do. Definitely a book going on my cherished gardening bookshelf!”
—Pamela Groppe, organic gardener, author at

“Armed with this reference, we can reduce our food and yard waste almost to zero and create a rich addition for our gardens—whether we live on a farm, in the country, or in an apartment in the city.”
—Leslie Scrimshaw,