No Dig Gardening Compendium: Layer Composting, Grid Gardens, and Keyhole Planting. Three amazing ways to grow vegetables Without Heavy Digging or Weeding!



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No Dig gardening methods are coming into their own in this age, when the ability to grow your own food in uncertain times could be regarded as must-have knowledge.
This work includes 3 ways to grow vegetables without the need for heavy digging, weeding, and even in a very limited space.
Layer Composting, otherwise known as ‘lasagna gardening’ or ‘sheet composting’ is a classic no-dig method where you literally do not dig the soil at all. The growing area is set out as described in the book with layers of organic material, and the plants are set into the mound and left to grow.
All the nutrients are provided ‘in house’ by the layering method, which also provides its own weed control.
Grid gardening – also referred to as square foot gardening is another popular method where just light digging with a hand fork is required, and weeding effort is at a minimum thanks mainly to the special soil mix in the Grid itself.
In a tiny space only 4 foot by 4 foot, a huge amount of vegetables can be grown using this Grid System that creates 16 squares or ‘compartments’ for growing a variety of veggies.
Keyhole gardening is a popular method that started in the African continent as a way to grow vegetables in otherwise impossible conditions. It has now gained popularity globally owing mainly to the long term effectiveness of this method that can grow an abundance of vegetables in a very limited space.
Welcome to the world of No-Dig gardening, where it is possible to grow your own veggies with minimum effort and no hard labour!