NIKA SEEDS – Herb Ramsons (Wild Garlic) – 50 Seeds



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The stem is triangular in shape. The leaves are edible; they can be used in salads and as a spice. The stems are preserved by salting and eaten in salads.
Planting instructions:  
The seeds of wild garlic require mandatory stratification at temperatures up to 32-37°F for at least three months. Seeds can immediately be planted in the moist or slightly acidic soil in September or before the winter for winter hibernation. For planting in spring, mix them first with sand or peat, moisten the substrate and put the container for 80–100 days in a refrigerator or any other place with a temperature of 32-37°F.
Bear in mind that seeds sown in the spring after stratification, will grow only a year later. For planting in spring, remove grass from beds, loosen and compose the soil, and sprinkle the seeds on the sowing soil. 
Then press them lightly into the upper layer. Plant 8-12 inches between plants and 14 inches between the rows. Plant in shaded spots near small trees or shrubs. Do not let the ground dry out all year round.

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