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A luxurious perennial liana with beautiful large decorative leaves of a finger-dissected shape. The powerful stem reaches 12 ft. The beautiful fragrant flowers have a diameter of 4-5″ and exotic shape. Grown in gardens or indoors.
Planting instructions:  
Because passionflower seeds have a hard outer coat, they are slow to absorb water and break dormancy, making them exceptionally slow to germinate unless pre-treated with a method called scarification to accelerate the process. Scarification physically alters or breaks the seed coat, making it easier for water to move into the seed. For passion flowers, the easiest method is to lightly rub the seeds on fine sandpaper. You can ensure that all seed surfaces are scarified by placing seeds between two sandpaper sheets and moving the sheets against each other. After scarifying, the seeds should be soaked in tepid water for about 24 hours, allowing them to swell slightly. 
Once seeds have been soaked, they are read. Temperature is critical for germinating passionflower seeds and should be about 68 F for 16 hours each day, followed by an 8-hour period at 86 F, mimicking the plant’s natural tropical environment. Using this technique, fresh seeds should germinate in a few weeks (up to 12 weeks).

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