NIKA SEEDS – Flowers Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena) Mix – 30 Seeds



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The original mixture of bright blossoms that bloom profusely and continuously. Dried flowers with a long-lasting color will make a beautiful winter bouquet. Heat and light-demanding, drought-resistant. Used for decorations as an ornamental plant.
Planting instructions:  
You can soak the seeds for a day or two in water prior to sowing. Sow the seeds in the center of the pot, placing them on top of the medium. Do not cover the seeds. Use a spray bottle to mist over the top of the seeds. Seed leaves should emerge within 15-20 days. Make sure that the soil stays moist throughout. Water the pot to a depth of 1/2 inch when the surface of the soil becomes dry. Apply the water slowly to avoid washing the seeds from the pot’s center or burying them under the soil. Once the seedlings grow to around 3 inches, transplant them to a pot or open space. Before transplanting in a pot, pull the weakest seedlings out. A good container choice is about twice the foliage size with drainage holes in the bottom. To make a good potting soil mix for container gardening, mix half the volume of container with organic manure/organic compost and rest of the half with good quality garden soil. Potting soil mix made as per above recipe will provide good nutrition for Gomphrena plants. You can also use the organic micronutrients. Gomphrena plant will flower in 40 – 60 days of planting. It will grow 2 – 4 feet tall. They can handle some partial shade but may not flower as profusely as in full sunlight.
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