Long Chinese Cucumber White Delicacy About 10 Seeds



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White-skinned, crispy, bitter-free cucumber, 8 inches long, also called Chinese cucumber. Vines can reach 6-10 feet, therefore grow on trellis or cucumber mesh.
Sow seeds directly into the ground after the last frost when the soil temp. is 70F. Soak in water for 24 hours prior to planting. Plant seeds in a sunny place, into loosen soil, mixed with fertilizer ½” deep, 6-10” apart, then thin to at least 2 feet, so the lateral shoots have enough space. Cover lightly with soil mixed with wood ash, water it, and cover with foil. After germination remove the foil. Water well regularly. Fertilize every 10 days. Preferably plant near plants that attract bees during the flowering period. 
Extremely tasty, crunchy, juicy, sweet, bitter-free white cucumber; Length of the fruit is around 8 inches; It is slightly sweeter than a classic cucumber
Mid-season, high-yielding, variety with a long harvest period; It is important to water regularly and collect the greens every two days
Grow on trellis, hedges or arrange other support as length of the vines can reach 6-10 feet; Harvest 50-55 days after germination
All seed counts are approximate due to the small size of the seeds
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