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EXCELLENT GIFT for you, your family and friends. Grow in your yard, raised beds, planer boxes and know for sure what goes onto and into the food on your table.
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Eustoma, perennial, plant height 30-100 cm. Leaves opposite, broadly elliptic to lanceolate, few sessile, leaf base slightly amplexicaul; leaf surface blue-green. The stamens are distinct, the sepals narrowly lanceolate, and the petals are imbricate.
Eustoma flowers are very rich in color, mainly red, pink, light purple, purple, white, yellow and various degrees of variegation of complex color flowers, depending on the species, each flower stem can produce 10-20 flowers, usually single branch 5-10 flowers.
Eustoma prefers a warm, moist and sunny environment. More drought, not wet. The optimum temperature for growth is 15-28¡ãC, and the temperature at night cannot be lower than 12¡ãC. The water requirement is strict, hi moist, but excessive water is also detrimental to the growth of the roots. If the water supply is insufficient, the stems and leaves grow weakly and flower early. The response to light is more sensitive, long daylight helps the stem and leaf growth and flower bud formation.
Germination optimum temperature is 22-25 ¡ãC, 12-15 days after sowing germination, half a month after germination or seedlings, seedling growth is very slow. 120-140 days from sowing to flowering. Cut flowers need 150-180 days.
Eustoma bulbs are elegant and fresh and elegant in color. Potted plants are used to decorate the living room, balcony or window sill, showing a fresh and elegant feeling.