Jessi Mae Carnivorous Venus Fly Trap Food – Carnivore Plants, Flytrap, Sundew, Flytraps, Drosera Capensis, Pitcher Plant, VFT Feed and Other Carnivorous Plant Feeding Supplement 30ml



Price: $19.95 - $14.95
(as of Sep 26,2021 15:30:11 UTC – Details)

JESSI MAE PREMIUM PRODUCTS brings the worlds first carnivorous plant food.
NO MORE MESSING AROUND with live or freeze dried flies, bloodworms, worms, crickets or fish food. Supplies all the nutrients your plant needs.
JESSI MAE CARNIVOROUS PLANT FEEDING SUPPLEMENT is designed for even the flytrap delicate digestive systems. No more fish food or soil fertilizer. Use along side live feeding or as a stand alone food.
EASY NO MESS APPLICATOR makes feeding in a terrarium fast and simple. Just apply a few drops of feed weekly. Our 30ml size will last months even when feeding large pitchers and traps.
EASY AND FUN! Feeding your Carnivorous Plant is now easy and fun without the blood, worms, and guts. No more risking damage to your carnivore plants.
MADE IN THE U.S.A from the finest quality materials. Satisfaction Guaranteed and Makes a Great Gift!