Jepeux Drip Irrigation Kit, with Stainless Steel Clamp and Thick Tube Garden Irrigation Systems. Firmer Connector and More Stable Water Pressure, for Garden, Greenhouse, Lawn, Hanging Baskets



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Product Description





Step 1: Think about how to arrange the system, the main water pipe uses 3/8″ Water pipe

Step 2: Cut the water pipe according to the required length, spread them

Step 3: Connect the tee and faucet (it takes some time)

Step 4: Connect the end nozzle and dripper, and keep it open

Step 5: Turn on the water slowly and adjust the water flow of each dripper nozzle

Large water flow will take away water pressure

The inner diameter of our thick water pipe is 3/8″, not 1/2″. For expansion, please purchase a 3/8″ tube irrigation kit

Schematic diagram of drip irrigation kit

The 15-meter-long first-level water pipe, 9/12mm diameter,

Is sufficient for the use of long-distance flower pots

And can keep the water pressure as much as possible

20 meters long 4/7mm water pipe

Can continue to extend the coverage distance

Stainless steel buckle

Make your connection more stable

Once reliable connection installed

Not only saves time and water

But also reduces your energy and troubles


Irrigation clamps are mainly used to connect each 1/4 inch water pipe to prevent water leakage due to high water pressure or excessive use time.

Please use tools when using it,and it will take a while. Please put the barb between the two stainless steel rings of the irrigation clamp


Connection 1: Faucet connection( 1 “And 3/4”)

this irrigation kit includes 2 types of tap connectors

With a threaded tap connection used for 1 “And 3/4” Threaded taps

another is uesed for unthreaded faucets

Our connectors are suitable for most faucet interfaces

But please still pay attention to your faucet interface is 1 inch or 3/4 inch


Connection 2: 3/8″ water pipe connection (1/2″ OD, 3/8″ IND)

If necessary, you can add a 3/8 inch T-shaped adapter to the irrigation system to divide the main pipe into two main pipes, which is suitable for more situations.

If you don’t need it, you can put this adapter away

Mainly depends on how you lay out the irrigation system


Connection 3: 3/8″ to 1/4″ water pipe transfer

3/8-inch to 1/4-inch water pipe adapter

The three-way can fully ensure the water pressure

The end joint turns the plug into an irrigation interface

So it maximizes the effect of the irrigation system


Connection 4: 1/4″ water pipe connection

The 1/4-inch tee is the easiest place to loosen

so we added a irrigation clamp to prevent leakage due to high water pressure or long use time

We are equipped with 50 irrigation clamps, they are stainless steel, have a long life, and can be directly exposed outdoors







Our irrigation kit is a complete set, which can be used in many scenarios

【15m 9/12mm tube】 stable water pressure, efficient irrigation system. The 15m 9 / 12mm water pipe thick and long enough, to effectively maintain the water pressure, to solves the problem of low pressure. Water all your plants at one time with 15m + 20m irrigation tubing which made from high quality and UV resistant.
【with elastic clamp】use for firm connectors,we gift about 50 elastic clamp, the connectors tees is fixed with threads and snap. Water pipes will inevitably aging for a long time, spring clamps can prevent the leakage of water pipes after aging, less worry about water leakage and trouble.
【make full use】the end of the first-level water pipe uses an adapter instead of a plug to make full use of the water pipe and reduce more problems.comes with 10 misting nozzles +20 adjustable dripper. ***NOTICE: 12mm= 1/2″ OD, 8mm=3/8″ IND, therefore, please use 3/8″ water pipes for expansion. Our products are actually a complete set.
【Arbitrarily expand】This system allows you to increase or decrease the quantity according to your needs, is a good helper for home irrigation garden. this kit includes 2 types of tap connectors, and the two size tube and connectors, at the end are dripper, sprinkler and snap. With a threaded tap connection used for 1 “And 3/4” Threaded taps, another is uesed for unthreaded faucets.
【wide applications】 save water and save time. Automatic irrigation kit is great for roof cooling, irrigation, agriculture, vegetable, greenhouse, flower bed, misting etc. Manual packaging, there is very little error rate, if you have any problems, you can apply for free replacement, or contact us. Thanks!!!