Italian Oregano Herb Seeds, 2500 Heirloom Seeds Per Packet, (Isla’s Garden Seeds), Non GMO Seeds, Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare


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Small, flavorful leaves with a sweet, pungent scent that is vital for Italian cuisine. Oregano plants will grow as big as you allow them too; it is often best to grow them in a container unless you want an entire garden of oregano! A perennial that keeps on giving year after year without fail. Approx seeds per order 2500 Planting Information: Type: Perennial Sun: Full Planting Depth: Broadcast Spacing: 15-18” Water: Moderate Days to Maturity/Bloom: 90 days Height: 12-18” Zones: 3-12 Begin the seeds inside around 2 months before the previous spring frost, sowing them just underneath the surface of the dirt and keeping the temperature at 65-70 degrees F. Give something like six long stretches of daylight, and keep the dirt damp when the seedlings show up. Transplant them when they become sufficiently large enough to deal with or after the last shot of frost, dispersing them 12-15″ separated. Oregano flourishes in genuinely dry soil and full sun. To coordinate sow, plant seeds and thin the seedlings to 12-15″ separated. As a partner plant, Oregano repulses the hurtful cabbage butterfly. This herb additionally develops well as a compartment plant. Oregano really has the most delightful taste whenever left alone, with insignificant watering and no preparation. For the best tasting leaves, keep the tops pruned to counteract blossoming and to keep the leaves delicate. Vulgare (Italian) Oregano is an extremely prevalent “pizza herb” generally utilized in Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking. Leaves can be utilized crisp or dried and add warm zesty flavor to your most loved formulas! Brilliant blue-green plants grow 6″ tall and up to 24″ in measurement. Leaves can be reaped in 85 to 95 days (before blossoms show up). Lasting. Dry spell tolerant. All our seeds are Home Grown in the USA – Isla’s Garden

Italian Oregano is an absolute must for your home herb garden! Boasting tremendous flavor and fantastic for soups and that missing ingredient in your home cooked dishes! Grow this right in your very own back yard or in a pot on your patio!
Start your seeds indoors roughly 2 months prior to estimated spring frost. Sow slightly below the surface of the dirt and maintain soil temperature of 65-70 Deg F.
Full sun for 1 straight week, them partial shade. Keep soil damp and once seedlings begin to sprout. Transplant them once they are large enough to move or after the last frost. Seperated 12-15″. After transplant allow soil to be lightly damp closer to dry as oregano flourishes in somewhat dry soils.
Hardiness Zones: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12: Also known as Vulgare Oregano.
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