Instapark PWT-7D Outdoor Waterproof Electronic Digital Programmable Dual 2-Outlet Automatic On Off Water Faucet Hose Timer with Rain Delay and Manual Control



Price: $44.95
(as of Sep 26,2021 16:06:52 UTC – Details)

Instapark PWT-7D is used for garden watering applications. With a programmable water timer, your garden will be reliably and conveniently irrigated, even when you’re not home. You win more free time and have a lush, green garden and beautiful, healthy plants. The PWT-7D is a digital programmable 2-outlet faucet watering timer that attaches to any garden outdoor hose faucet with a standard ¾” (GHS) thread. Simply set up the timer, and it will take care of everything else. To give your full control and maximize water conservation without interrupting the timer’s program, the PWT-7D has a built-in rain delay setting as well as manual control for added convenience.

Made of strong, weather-resistant, premium features include dust cover for the LCD display, battery low indication, a detachable battery compartment, and 1-hour program retainment without batteries.

For watering use with outdoor home water faucets only. Not for indoor or appliance use. Use only with pressures of 60 PSI (4 Bar) max. Do not use with water exceeding 100°F (38°C). Not for use on outlet end of “Y” connectors or other hose accessories. Detach and drain before freezing weather. Replace battery every year, or when low battery icon flashes or before long unattended use.


Power source: 1.5V Alkaline AA x 2 (NOT included)
Valve type: Impulse solenoid
Number of outlet: 2
Standby current: < 100 μA
Watering frequency settings: 1hr, 2hr, 4hr, 12hrs and 1 to 7 days
Watering duration settings: 1 min up to 360mins
Rain delay settings: 0, 24, 48, 72 hours
How often: 1min, 3 min, 5 min, 1hr, 2hr, 4 hrs, 12hrs and 1 to 7 days
Time display format: 24-hr
Waterproof rating: IP66

What’s in the box:

PWT-7D water timer
User manual
Warranty card

The PWT-7D has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Digital faucet water timer with 2 independently programmable outlets attaches to any garden outdoor hose faucet with a standard ¾” (GHS) thread and offers flexible and effective control of watering frequency and duration with simple, straightforward, fool-proof, and user-friendly programming
Weather-resistant, impact-resistance, premium ABS construction, ideal for irrigation applications in gardens, yards, greenhouses, flowerbeds, and etc., waterproof rated at IP66
Bright, vivid, and easy-to-read large 2” X 1” LCD screen with dust cover displays current time, next start time, duration, and watering frequency for both outlets (Note: watering duration must be longer than watering frequency, otherwise an error message will display and the timer will not function)
Duration selectable (1-3 days) rain delay and manual option ensure complete control and maximum water conservation without altering the timer’s program
Low power consumption, up to 4,000 on/off cycle with 2 fresh batteries. Drawer-type detachable battery compartment for effortless battery replacement, 2 alkaline 1.5V batteries are required (NOT included)