Worm Composting (Kick Start) – (2 Lbs) of Beneficial Microbes 100% Organic



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(as of Oct 20,2021 04:09:38 UTC – Details)

Why do worms need microbes? Earthworms lack teeth and sufficient digestive enzymes of their own, relying instead on microorganisms to begin to rot and soften organic matter so it can be ingested, than relying on naturally occurring bacteria and fungi in their gut to digest their food. In the process of taking in this biologically active pre-digested organic matter the earthworm also ingests small particles of sand and soil, which lodge in their gizzard. As the organic matter and microbial life coating it move past this gizzard they are ground against the gritty particles lodged there and fragmented into smaller pieces, making them easier for the gut organisms to digest. Researchers have recently learned that it is not from the organic matter itself, but from the bodies of the microbial life rotting the organic matter that epigeic earthworms derive the bulk of their most vital nutrients.

You will get (2) – 1 Lb bags of a mixture of composted soil and worm castings. Possible worm eggs but cannot guarantee.
This is the material directly form our worm bins. We pull the kick starter from a bed that has just been harvested and setup to start a new cycle.
Your new worm bin will need “KICK START” to make your worms comfortable and happy.
Each 1 lb. bag will contain a thriving population of beneficial microbes necessary to healthy composting. See our Product Description, “Why do worms need Microbes?”
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