Indoor Plant Food – All-Purpose Fertilizer (Liquid Alternative) – Best for Houseplants Indoors + Common Home Outdoor Plants in Pots (5 oz)



Price: $8.97
(as of Sep 26,2021 15:11:17 UTC – Details)

NUTRIENT ESSENTIALS – High quality, urea free balanced mix of macro and micro nutrients that gently feeds all potted household plants. Helps encourage strong roots, new growth, and beautiful leaves for sustainable long term plant health.
LASTS LONGER, FOR LESS – Easy to use, slow release granular formula feeds the plants around your house for months at a time! Simply poke holes or sprinkle around your potting mix, water, and watch your plants thrive! Perfect for pots with bark, sphagnum moss, perlite, and other organic soil mixes.
TRULY ALL-PURPOSE – Great for advanced and beginners in plant care. Use with all common houseplant types (indoor and outdoor) in various pots and containers. Safe to use on live plants around the entire house, apartment, and office.
GROW WITH CONFIDENCE – Our fertilizer is made with you in mind. Whether this is your first plant or your 100th, you can rest assured our ready to use fertilizer is easy to understand and easy to apply.
FOR POPULAR HOUSEPLANTS – Fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, orchids, bonsai trees, spider, string of pearls, monstera, pothos, zz, bamboo, peace lily, aloe vera, prayer, hoya, mums, ivy, elephant ear, palm, fern, pilea, philodenron, dracaena, chinese evergreen, succulents, cactus, jasmine, money tree, other hanging and trailing plants, terrarium plants, tropical plants and many more!