Houseplant Fertilizer – Liquid All Purpose Indoor Plant Food – Keeps Plants Healthy with Easy to Understand Instructions – for Indoor + Outdoor Use (8oz)



Price: $9.69
(as of Oct 28,2021 17:37:43 UTC – Details)

HOUSEPLANT GOALS: This fertilizer is like drinking a delicious low cal smoothie – but for your plants. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals this balanced mix of nutrients gives your houseplants the boost they need to stay looking their best! So, pot it like it’s hot and let everyone know your plants are sexy and you grow it.
WET IT AND FORGET IT: Light liquid formula made from only the most exceptional ingredients will make you want to wet your plants so much that you won’t care who’s looking. Gentle NPK ratio makes fertilizer safe to use on all common houseplant types (indoor + outdoor). Promotes long term plant care by encouraging root development, healthy leaves, and enhanced growth.
HELPS SUPPORT PLANT PARENTHOOD: We support all types of plant parents! Whether you have one houseplant or a household jungle, have peace of mind that this plant food was especially crafted to feed all of your plant babies. Perfect for pots with store-bought potting mixes with ingredients like perlite, bark, sphagnum moss, or other organic soil mixes.
MADE WITH PURPOSE: Easy to understand instructions helps reduce the risk of overapplication and leaf burn. No more confusing dosage instructions on the back of a poorly labeled bottle. Everything you need to know in plain english. Safe to use on live plants around the entire house, apartment, and office.
ONE BOTTLE TO RULE THEM ALL: All purpose formula makes this fertilizer great for common potted houseplants: fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, orchids, bonsai trees, spider, string of pearls, monstera, pothos, zz, bamboo, peace lily, aloe vera, prayer, hoya, mums, ivy, elephant ear, palm, fern, pilea, philodenron, dracaena, chinese evergreen, succulents, cactus, jasmine, money tree, other hanging and trailing plants, terrarium plants, tropical plants and many more!