Heirloom Medicinal and Cooking Herb Seeds 22 Varieties – Non-Hybrid and No Chemicals and Non-GMO Survival Garden Seed Bank



22 Varieties Individually Packed and Labeled Anise, Chives, Hyssop, Arugula, Cilantro Slow Bolt, Oregano Italian, Basil genovese, Curled Cress, Parsley Italian, Flat Basil Italian Large Leaf, Dill Bouquet, Sage Broad Leaf, Caraway, Dill Mammoth, St Johns Wort, Catnip, Echinacea, Thyme Common, Chamomile German, Fennel Florence, Chervil Curled, Fenugreek

Herbal Seeds Pack over 12,000 seeds. Including Thyme Dill Parsley Echinacea and Cilantro
Open Pollinated – 99% germination for 25 years. Made in the US – Liquidirt farm raised seeds origin USA
Individually packaged and labeled seed packs.
Perfect for food prep and storage – Moisture proof resealable gold seed vault bag – Store in cool dry place last for 25 years
98-99% purity with no chemicals