Firgus Compost Thermometer with 20 Inch Soil Probe for Backyard Composting Stainless Steel 2 Inch Diameter Temperature Gauge and Bonus Stem Protector



Price: $20.99
(as of Sep 24,2021 18:23:17 UTC – Details)

The temperature of your compost is crucial to knowing when to water, turn, add more material and when it is ready for your plants. This is where the Firgus compost thermometer can help in providing accurate temperature readings from your compost pile to determine the current stage of decomposition within your compost heap.
Knowing the accurate temperature of your compost heap from the center of the pile with minimal disturbance will let you know:

  • When to turn your pile;
  • When to add more material and what type of material to add;
  • When to water;
  • When the compost is ready.

The Firgus compost thermometer can be used in your compost pile or in your compost tumbler to determine the stage and health of composting which is shown on the gauge over three easy to read temperature zones, being:

  • Warm – This is when the bacteria, worms and insects start to work and breakdown your kitchen scraps and yard waste into a useable plant dressing;
  • Active – This is when the compost really gets working and the fungi, microorganisms and beneficial bacteria are working at accelerated rates to break down the scraps into a rich compost;
  • Hot – At this temperature range this is when any seeds and diseases that may have been in any scraps get killed off and the compost is almost ready for use.

Because of the quality construction of the Firgus backyard soil thermometer this can be left in your compost pile overnight and still be working fine the next day.
The Firgus compost thermometer comes complete with a bonus stem sheath to protect the probe of the thermometer when this is stored away in your garden shed.
Soil thermometer prefect for providing accurate readings for the heat of your compost pile to determine the current stage of decomposition in your composter bin or compost heap for your garden or hobby farm.
Compost thermometer has accurate easy to read dial with rugged construction perfect for all weather. Ready to use straight out of packaging. Packaging also includes instructions for use and composting tips. The temperature dial is presented in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales to prevent confusing conversions.
Mulch thermometer is made from high quality 304 grade stainless steel tough outer construction with quality internal bimetal coils making this suitable for all conditions. Dial is hermetically sealed and waterproof to avoid moisture ingress and fogging with easy to read numbers and clear temperature zones.
Packaging includes one compost thermometer, one bonus sheath protector for the thermometer stem when being stored and composting quick tips printed on the product packaging.
Manure thermometer has a 2 inch (51mm) diameter dial complete with a 20 inch (501mm) long stem (taken from back of dial to tip of probe), the stem has a diameter of 0.2 inch (5mm). The dial has a range of 20°F to 200°F (-7°C to 93°c) with three main highlighted zones ‘warm’ ‘active’ and ‘hot’. Stem protector is green in colour and is 20 inch (501mm) long to provide protection to the whole stem when this is not being used and is stored in your shed.