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Fiddle leaf figs are a popular and common houseplant. They are prized for their beautiful dark green foliage, and can make an ornamental decoration in your home, office, or patio garden. Aquatic Arts Fiddle Leaf Fig Food is the best choice to help your fiddle leaf fig grow big and healthy! Potted plants require additional nutrients to be added to their soil to help them thrive. While there are many other products on the market, our pure gentle formula and 3-1-2 NPK ratio make this fig leaf fertilizer a prime choice to help your plant grow big and tall. There are 3 key factors in the health of your house plant: 1. Light: Fiddle leaf figs will thrive in bright sunlight, if you have a south facing window or screen in your office or living space, this is the best place for your ficus tree. 2. Water: You should water your fiddle leaf with about 2 cups of water every week. When the top 1-3 inches of soil feel dry it is time to water. If you water too often, the potting soil will become saturated which can result in root rot and bacterial infections in your plant. Planting your ficus in a pot with a drainage hole is also key. You can also place the planter pot inside a decorative container. 3. Food: Your fiddle leaf fig needs nutrients to promote healthy and hardy growth. Our fiddle fig tree fertilizer is formulated with a 3-1-2 NPK ratio which is ideal for fiddle leaf figs and other ficus plants. When properly diluted our fertilizer is gentle enough to be used every time you water, with no risk of burning. How to use: Add 1 teaspoon of our fiddle leaf fig fertilizer to 2 cups of water, and water your ficus plant about once a week for optimal growth. Liquid fertilizer disperses quickly, correcting nutritional deficiencies much faster than granular fertilizers.

FEED YOUR FICUS: Contains micronutrients for Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees. These indoor plants need nutrients, in addition to light and water to promote healthy growth and prevent brown spots on leaves
LONG-LASTING: Dilute one teaspoon of liquid fertilizer with 2 cups of water. An 8oz bottle should last 6 months to 1 year per ficus tree
3-1-2 NPK FIG TREE FERTILIZER RATIO: This is the ideal ratio for healthy growth in your ficus. Our natural formula is safe to use every watering with no risk of burning your plant when used properly
RAW NUTRIENTS: Nitrogen (N) promotes growth of new leaves, Phosphorus (P) is a root stimulator, aiding in root growth and can heal root rot, and Potassium (K) helps your fickle ficus grow healthy
SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR FICUS: Can be used to feed: Ficus Lyrata, Ficus Audrey, Ficus Religiosa, Ficus Elastica, Ficus Benjamina (Weeping Fig), Alli, Olympian or Kadota Fig Tree, and Benghalensis