Fenugreek HERB Seeds, Heirloom, 100 Seeds, Healthy and Tasty HERB



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NON-GMO. HEIRLOOM. Fenugreek is a tender, erect annual with three-part leaves and pea-like flowers that grows in fertile, well-drained, alkaline soil in full sun. It reaches a height of less than three feet and has a sweet hay scent when dried. A native of the Mediterranean area, the seeds have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. The Greeks and Romans considered it a valuable food and medicine and used it to remedy sore throats and colds and also considered it an effective aphrodisiac. . In India, the spicy seed is included in curry powder and the shoots curried as a vegetable. Seeds can be sown directly into garden when soil is warm, started in pots and tranfered to the garden or grown indoors. Zones 3-10

A great tasting healthy herb.
Easy to Grow and Harvest from Seed
Great Producer–Lots of leaves per plant
Better Than Anything in the Store
Most Grocery Stores Don’t Stock This Variety