Everwilde Farms – 2000 Arugula Herb Seeds – Gold Vault Jumbo Seed Packet



Price: $2.75
(as of Oct 17,2021 08:44:36 UTC – Details)

Arugula, an herb from the mustard family, comes from the Mediterranean region. Its leaves have a peppery, mustard like flavor, and are high in vitamins A and C as well as being a good source of iron. Aphrodisiac potions containing the oil of the arugula seed were common for centuries; oil of arugula also provided an excellent flavoring. Part of a typical Roman meal was to offer a salad of greens featuring arugula, and vendors in 14th century Florence sold these greens as a topping on toasted bread. Arugula is now grown in most parts of the world, though Italian cuisine features it most popularly; it is typically used in fresh green salads, in pesto, or lightly sauteed.

First Quality Non-GMO Herb Seeds – Current Lab Test Data Shown on Packet
Exclusive Gold Vault Packaging – Provides 3X Longer Storage than Paper or Plastic with Triple Layer Mylar Gold Foil.
Resealable/Reusable Zipper Bag – Perfect for Storing Excess Seeds
Bulk Seed is Excellent for Immediate Planting or for Long Term Storage as an Emergency Seed Vault
Detailed Planting Instructions on Back – Online Info also available via QR Code